Corporate Program

Contracted Set Rates

We understand that our customers time is very valuable and that’s why we offer 6 month, 9 month, and 12 month contracts with set rates for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly serviced customers in the corporate program. Receive discounts, do your monthly customer service review,¬†submit your payment electronically,¬†and that’s the only time we need from you in this program. Are you miles away and want to see your lawn curb appeal, no worries. Our team submit pictures with every invoice to ensure that you see your finished service. Sign up today for 20% off your next service.

Corporate Program Benefits

– 20 % off when you first sign up

– 50 % off every 5th service

– Corporate welcome packet

– Options to prepay

– List of staff servicing your home

Easy to Qualify

To qualify for the corporate program…

– Must have had services with us for at least 30 days

– Must have proof of a consistent payment system

– No bills past due more than 7 days